Well Being

With so much pressure in the world and so much technology around us, its even more important that children and families learn to find their ‘pause’ button! There are so may different professionals offering a range of different therapies, but we think its important to work with specialists who also have a thorough understanding of teaching and pedagogy. We have partnered with a number of yoga teachers, mindfulness coaches, meditation teachers and a range of therapists who focus on the mind/body connection, helping you fully connect and be at peace in the modern day world.

For children we can provide:

  • 1:1/small group Relaxation, yoga, mindfulness or meditation classes
  • Early interventions assessments
  • Individual plans to support children
  • Support with behavior, concentration, confidence and emotional resilience

For adults we can provide:

  • 1:1/Small group session in a variety of wellbeing techniques
  • Support for teachers, schools and wider family how to best support children.
  • Support, guidance and coaching through parental and professional challenges