Schools Choice

With the landscape of education in the UK and globally changing rapidly its often useful to have some guidance from trusted and well informed educationalists. With the impending grammar schools re entering the market and an every growing choice, its even more important that you as parents get your children’s choices right. We can offer guidance from nursery choice through to primary/prep and secondary/college choices. Our lead consultants have worked in all sectors of the UK education system and can offer independent and honest advice for your family.

University and Careers

Being a young adult in 2017 is very different to generations gone by. The world is becoming smaller and technology keeps on changing. We can offer advice and assistance with university applications in the UK and overseas, change of course options, internship/work experience options and advice upon graduation

Additional Needs

You may be worried about your child’s development and want an experienced independent opinion away from schools and external professionals. Our lead Special Educational Needs Consultants is experiences in providing diagnostic assessments covering learning and physical disabilities. We can provide Individual Education Plans and support families through the new additional needs system in the UK. All our of our tuition services are inclusive and we can provide tailored and holistic support for your child.

Home Schooling

If you have made the decision to home school your children we can provide tailored support to areas of the curriculum you may not feel so comfortable with. We are able to support academically, but also with other important aspects of development such as sport, arts, technology, which are so important in the modern day world. We can support children through various formal assessments and exams, while also ensuring a broad holistic curriculum is following.


Sometimes you or someone in your family may just need some gentle guidance and someone to talk through options educationally and professionally. Young people can often benefit from spending regular time with positive role models who have similar interests. We have also partnered with a number of successful career people, Mums, Dads and Young Graduates who can provide some valuable insights for individuals.