Academic Tuition

We have a range of fully qualified teachers, outstanding graduates and the brightest students who can support your educational journey. We provide 1:1 tuition, online tuition and group sessions covering all academic subjects and educational phases. Our lead education consultants have direct experience of working as heads or senior teachers in the leading private and some of the most outstanding state schools in the UK. We work in full partnership with parents and schools, provide fully planned sessions and provide assessments and progress reports over the period we work with you.


We can provide initial advice on which nurseries or reception classes might be best placed for your child. There are various schools that now have assessments at this age and we can support you and your child through this process. Sadly, there is also great variation in the quality of UK early years settings and we more than happy to advise on those that have similar high expectations.
We have an in-depth knowledge of child development and can support your child with structured, play based sessions focussing on social, emotional, physical, mathematical, linguistic, artistic and world knowledge. At this age we cant expect children to sit and work through textbooks for an hour but depending on their need we have a main learning intention for each session and intersperse this with a range of activities that support holistic development in the other areas. It’s like a having a nursery teacher in your own home!

Our work with the early years:
Each child is unique and we tailor our approach to match each child’s individual requirements

Our support includes:

  • Private tuition and holistic development support with experienced early years qualified teachers
  • Individualised and personalised plans and assessments
  • Preparation for school entry and readiness
  • Personalised advice on school choices and admissions
We also Specialist sessions in Sport, Art and Wellbeing


There are a range of options in the UK regarding primary and prep school’s from the ages of 6 – 11/13. With the impending introduction of grammar schools by the government the next few years will provide more choice than ever for children’s first ‘Big School’ adventure. Currently in the UK the choices for parents include:

  • - Private (confusingly called public schools) or state
  • - If state, then the myriad includes the postcode lottery, academy vs grammar vs local authority
  • - If private you have a choice of size, location, day, boarding, feeder schools
  • - For both sectors its important to also consider age of entry
  • - What type of school and ethos
With many of our advisors having been former head teachers covering both the state and primary sectors we can offer unparalleled advice for families and parents concerned about navigating the system.

Our work with Primary/Prep
  • 1:1 or small group tuition
  • Personalised plans and assesments
  • 7+ & 8+ entrance tuition for preparatory schools ( including core assessed areas of
  • English, Maths and Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • 11+ Common Entrance exams for secondary schools
  • Pre-assessment support for 13+ Common Entrance taken in Years 6 and 7
  • 13+ Common Entrance and school-specific entrance
  • Scholarship examination support for top public schools at 11+ & 13+
  • SAT’s and year group assessing
  • Support for state sector children wanting to transfer to the private sector
  • Preparation for grammar school entry
Do remember its not just about academic support and we can help your child flourish through tailored support with Sport, Arts and Wellbeing. Many of teachers are multi talented and can often combine academic tuition with sports/music tution.

GCSE/A – Level

Starting from year 10 the pressure really kicks in for children and we are here to support. The last few years of secondary school is the culmination of many years of hard work and involves a huge a range of academic assessments.
Children tend sit GCSEs or IGCSEs at the end of Year 11. As they enter Year 12 they are likely to begin A level courses, Pre U courses or the IB Diploma, though a handful of international schools offer the American system all the way through.
We all know the importance of results at GCSE, A level or the IB and US SATs . It can be an challenging time, with a large workload across a range of subjects and regular assessments. We place tutors who are subject experts and understand the varying curriculums fully. We support pupils surpass expectations in exams and develop passions for subjects that surprise even the students themselves.

Our work with GCSE/A-Level

  • Private tuition with experienced GCSE and A level/IB tutors
  • Personalised long and short-term revision courses
  • Mock interviews and interview preparation for 16+ entrance exams
  • Personalised advice on school and university admissions
  • Support with choices of subjects
We cater for every exam board and curriculum. The syllabus varies slightly between iGCSE, GCSE and significantly from the IB Middle Years Programme as well as between the exam boards. Post GCSE we can support with all A Level subjects and also the Pre-U, which some schools offer as an alternative to A levels.


The importance of a top degree and top mark in the changing global climate simply can not be underestimated. However university can often be a bit of shock to the system for young adults. Even at the top universities there is a great deal of freedom and choice, and often people are not fully prepared for this and let their academics slip.
We work with university lecturers and accomplished academics to support students throughout their undergraduate university careers, as well as onto postgraduate qualifications such as those in Finance, Accounting and Law.

Our with undergraduates and post graduates

  • 1:1 or small group tuition with post graduates and students
  • Essay Support
  • Research and dissertation support
  • Exam cramming (lets be realistic!)

Adults We provide academic support to adults young and old. Lots of adults may need to go back and get their GCSE Maths/English or improve their A-Levels to be accepted onto a new course. This can be really daunting and we can provide support around your work commitments. Sometimes school may not have been the most positive experience for you and now need to gain some initial foundation qualifications to further develop yourself.

For adults we can support:
  • - QTS Skills tests
  • - Functional skills tests
  • - GCSEs tuition
  • - A – Levels tuition