At Twice Times we believe in providing a bespoke tuition and advisory service depending on your need. We place a range of fully qualified teachers, outstanding graduates and the brightest students who can support your educational journey. We focus on a holistic approach to education and development, supporting individuals and families across academics, sport and the arts.

Our lead education consultants have direct experience of working as heads or senior teachers covering all phases of education. We work in full partnership with parents and schools, provide fully planned sessions and provide assessments and progress reports over the period we work with you. We really pride ourselves in nurturing, supporting and developing the whole person in an outstanding, professional and family friendly way.

Our Ethos

Education and life is rapidly changing in the 21 st Century and now, more than ever, it’s important to keep up in the super competitive environment. We treat each individual as a unique person and embrace their strengths and weaknesses. We don’t think a one size solution can fit all and work with you to ensure you get the right support. Excellence, professionalism and outstanding outcomes underpin our approach to every student we work with.

We really enjoy building meaningful and long lasting relationships with all our families. Our staff are committed to bringing the best out of students as well as helping families to understand and navigate the range of educational options available to them. We a bring a family feel yet professional approach to everything we do and love seeing people develop.

Our Services

We provide academic, sporting and arts support for children from 3 to adults. We do this via:

We also provide a range of advisory services to include:

Our Team

Twice Times Tuition is comprised of a team of friendly and professional educationalists who are driven by a passion for improving children’s abilities in a nurturing way. All of our managing consultants have worked in leadership positions in some of the most prestigious London schools with over 20+ years of experience each. Many of us have also had families in London and understand the maze that is the education system. Our in-depth knowledge of the competitive UK schools landscape and our extensive network of some of the country’s best private tutors, enable us to deliver the highest of standards.

All of our tutors and coaches go through a rigorous assessment, are fully vetted and reference checked before being placed. We do sadly have to reject many candidates from our team as we really believe only working with the most outstanding individuals who can meet our high standards. Our tutors comprise of qualified teachers, successful professionals, graduates, sports coaches, artists, dancers, and outstanding students, all with one thing in common – a genuine desire to help the individuals they support.

How we work and Pricing

Our managing consultants will listen carefully to your needs, and ask some carefully targeted questions to ascertain your individual requirements. We can do this via telephone, email or in person at one of our offices in Notting Hill or Chiswick. Once we have finalized the type of support you need for your family we provide you with a shortlist of our tutors who can best support this. Its then a simple process of deciding on who you would like and making arrangements for the first session.

We charge families an hourly rate depending on the tutors qualifications, experiences and your requirements. We are fully transparent in what we pay our tutors too! Once you have had a few sessions with your tutor you can then decide to continue on an hourly basis invoiced through us or decide that you would like to take them on permanently through an agreed placement fee. We are more than happy to work either way and pride ourselves on the flexibility we can offer.